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Sault Ste. Marie, CA
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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ONNtv is one of the first local television stations in Canada to break away from traditional cable and satellite broadcasting in favour of Over The Top (OTT). Simply put, we are broadcasting ONNtv to you via the internet, similar to the way many new broadcasters like Netflix, Hulu and CraveTV have done.

For more information on how to view ONNtv on a wide range of Other Devices, View on Demand programs and videos as well as access the Program Guide, simply use the navigation menu above.


To watch in full screen mode, click on the arrow symbols which display in the top right of the player when you move your mouse cursor into the window. Other features available in the player include a share button (top left) as well as a volume control and pause button found at the bottom of the player window. You can mute the volume by clicking on the speaker (bottom right) and pause the stream by clicking on the pause/play button (bottom left). Remember… when you resume playing the stream after pausing, the player will fast forward to catch up with the live portion of the stream.

* You can view ONNtv on a standard TV by purchasing and connecting a ROKU Player for under $40! Click here for more information