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    Episode 9

    9. ”You Are Enough – Know Your Worthiness” 
    Worthiness is a topic discussed often in spiritual teachings, both in an empowering way and, in some of your doctrines, a rather disempowering way (i.e. “sinners”). If you accept the truth that you are truly a Light Being having a human, Earthly experience, worthiness would be a non-issue. Judith will show you many different ways in which you have been conditioned to believe that you are not worthy, and how you can change that at a cellular level, and live your life with greater self-esteem and self-assurance.

    Episode 8 

    8. ”Inner Peace – Our Way to Impact the World”
    It is so very vital at this time to do whatever it takes to create your own inner peace. It is not only an emotional state, but is a vibratory state that has a greater impact on your life and your world than you could ever imagine. Through the experiential exercises and meditations in this workshop you will have an experience of what inner peace actually feels like and thus be able to access that feeling anytime and anywhere.

    Episode 7

    7.”Just Love – Learn to be in and attract the vibration of LOVE”

    Love is the elixir that heals all. We know this on an intellectually level, and often do feel it in our heart. It is time to “know” it on every level of our existence and to be able to apply it in everything we think say and do. Judith will give you specific exercises to release anything in your mind and energy field that does not feel like love and show you how to shift energy to be in the” vibration” of love on a more consistent basis, which will of course, attract more of it to you!

    Episode 6

    6.”The Descension of Energy”  
    This is about the embodying of our Spirit within the physical body here on on Earth now, and all the support you have from the Celestial Realms to feel your own Divinity, your connection to source 24/7. To live life as the Light Being you already are just takes an awareness which Judith will show you.

    Episode 5

    5.”Create Love & Light Through Conscious Intent”
    Even though it is not always easy in this unsettled world we live in to spread love and light, when you consciously make choices to do so, your life changes for the better on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Judith will guide you through exercises to show you how to be more conscious in your daily creations.


    Episode 4

    4.”Alignment of Energies” There are many new possibilities that are being created for us and when we align with the higher vibrational energies of ourselves first of all, and then with the higher vibrational aspects of others, wonderful possibilities emerge synchronistically. You will have fun exploring these alignments with Judith.


    3. ”How to Balance and Manage Your Energy Fields”
    Humanity is going through an extreme shift from density to Light. Tune in and find out how that is happening and the effect it is having on your physical body and your emotions, as well as the rebalancing that is taking place on the Earth to create harmony.


    2. ”How to Be the Uplifting Force for
    Yourself & Others”
    We all know we have an impact on others not just
    with our personality or opinions but our actual
    way of being and our energy. Judith will show you
    how to be aware of always having a beneficial
    impact on others, and thereby creating your own
    1. “DECADE OF LIGHT – What is that
    Judith was given information at the end of 2009
    about what the next 10 years of human evolution
    would be about. Do you feel shifts that are
    happening? How has the first half of this decade
    been for you? She will help you to understand
    how that is unfolding in your own life, and give
    you tools to navigate all the shifts and changes
    that are happening.

    This 10-episode series will bring you words of wisdom, inspiration, and hope at a time when it is SO needed in people’s lives. Each episode will highlight teachings based on Judith’s “International Best Selling” book “MESSAGES OF HOPE From “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)”, Decade of Light, Volume 1. Judith will give you information on what the “Decade of Light” is and how it has been accelerating your personal spiritual awakening. Tune in each week to be connected with your Spirit again. Each show will conclude with a empowering
    meditation that will leave you feeling uplifted, and more able to handle life ups and downs.

    Judith is a Spiritual Mentor, Channeler and Teacher who has travelled the world teaching workshops and offering private sessions at retreat centres in Canada, United States, Spain, England, and Morocco. She now resides in the Sault to be close to her children and six grandchildren. She became an International Best Selling Author with her first book “Your Mastery – Live It Now!”, and this new book (also reaching #1 Best Seller) is expanding her teachings in even greater ways to support you along your journey through life.

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